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Your customers care about the future

Cone Communications study

According to Cone Communications, 89% of Gen-Zers actually prefer to buy from companies that actively support social or environmental causes.

Forbes study

Video content receives an average of 1200% more social media shares than images and text combined.

Business2Community study

Research has found that more than 91% of individuals place great importance on working for a socially responsible company, and staff who share the same values as a company are more likely to stay longer.

1200% 89% 91%

Younger generations know that if they want to create a more sustainable, just, and equitable future, they have to be mindful of who and what they support and brands are no exception.

Share your impact

Is your company already committed to building a better future? The next step is to share that positive impact with the world! Not only will you win new supporters for the causes that are important to you, but you will also win new customers and increase brand loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to corporate social responsibility.

At Prodigium Pictures, we are passionate about creating video content that captures the true impact that our partners are creating in the world. We can do it all, from commercial advertisements and short explainer videos to full length documentaries. We take the time to truly understand your company’s ethos and CSR goals so that we can create video content that is tailored to your specific needs.

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Our latest social impact
entertainment project

Our newest SIE film, #GamingWallStreet, is an investigative docuseries directed by our co-founder Tobias Deml and produced by our lead producer Tessa Byford. The show is now available on HBO Max.

Previous projects

At Prodigium, we promote your positive impact on the world.

Our high-quality videos will bring your company’s values to life for your partners, your staff, and your clientele.



Our impact plan

We don’t just make video: We make impact! Everything we do has one purpose, to improve the world we live in. We must be doing something right as HBO and Netflix have both commissioned our work and as 2 of the biggest distribution networks in our industry, we are confident that what we do, is the right way to do it. There are other agencies who will take on any project, but we won’t. If you are not trying to make a difference, we are not the agency for you. That said, if you are just starting your social impact journey, we are ready to guide you, and if you are a seasoned social impact professional in your company, we are ready to work along side you! Our social impact strategy includes: Video Production, Youtube SEO, Paid Media distribution, and most importantly, we have produced impact production long and short, viewed by millions of people!

Let’s talk about<br>your needs

Let’s talk about
your needs

To provide you with the most value, we want to learn more about your project and a goal. With Calendly, we can schedule a quick consultation so we can prepare more in-depth proposal with a clearly defined objective.

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